Hantek 1008B Auto Scope/DAQ/8CH Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope

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Display Size: 2.9 Inches & Under
Band Width: Less than 60MHz
DIY Supplies: Electrical
Brand Name: Hantek
Model Number: Hantek 1008B
Record Length: 1
IS Battery Demountable: No
Digital Channels: Other
Display resolution: Other
Real-Time Sampling Rate: Other

Highly efficient and cost-effective; 8 channels oscilloscope for vehicle testing; 2.4MSa/s real-time sampling rate, 12bit vertical resolution; DAQ card function; 8 channels programmable generator which can analog signals of the crankshaft, camshaft etc.
1) Oscilloscope
8 channels oscilloscope, 2.4MSa/s real-time sampling rate
12 bits vertical resolution, spectrum analysis function
3) Programmable Generator2
8 channels programmable generator
Can analog signals of crankshaft, camshaft etc.
3) Others
USB 2.0 interface plug and play, and no need extra power supply;
More than 20 types of automatic testing function, a similar interface with benchtop oscilloscope, easy to use

Software support: Windows NT, Window 2000, Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Model Hantek1008
Oscilloscope Mode Vertical System
Analog Channel 8
Input Impedance Resistance: 1MΩ
Resolution 12 bits
Horizontal System Memory Depth 4K
Max. Input 400V (DC+AC Peak)
Real-Time Sampling Rate 2.4MSa/s
Time BaseRange 1ns/div to 20000s/div(1-2-5sequences)
Time Base Precision ±50ppm
Trigger System Time Base Range 1ns/div to 20000s/div(1-2-5sequences)
Time Base Precision ±50ppm
Trigger Source CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, CH5, CH6, CH7, CH8
Trigger Mode Edge
X-Y Mode X-Axis Input CH1 Y-Axis Input CH2